Within each dream, there are portals ready to take us to a mystical experience of our choosing

Greetings, blessings, and welcome to my new and improved website which will be a work in progress. After I had disabled my previous website several months back, I have now decided to reactivate my site using a new platform.

I am currently pursuing my doctorate degree in psychology at Saybrook University. My areas of interest include: dreams (visitation, telepathic, creative, incubation, nightmares, transcendent/mystical, out-of-body, dream recall, dreamwork, etc.); working with invisible forces (e.g. spirit guides) through altered states of consciousness (e.g. channeling, meditation, dreams); the tarot; transpersonal/spiritual psychology; autoethnography; psychic experiences, (e.g. past life experiences, telepathy, etc.).

It is my hope to continue what I had started years ago through my previous website(s) and blog page, and eventually migrate some of my posts and images from my previous sites.